Philosophy Statement

My philosophy on taxes is simple: the money is better off in your pocket than in the governments’. Unlike many CPA’s and EA’s who view tax preparation as an assembly line business (and gain clients to maximize profits), or seem to work for the IRS, telling you what you can’t deduct and what you have to do, my view is different…

I take the time and put all my creative energy into getting to know you and your financial situation and finding every imaginable tax deduction and profit maximizing opportunity, past, present and future. If your prior CPA missed tax savings opportunities, I aim to find them and correct them.  

I gain clients to maximize my exposure to every possible creative tax strategy, its effects and how that can benefit you. I help you implement a year round tax plan.

I approach every tax return as if it will be audited and advise you of the consequences of taking a conservative approach, an aggressive approach or anywhere in between. You make the final call.  If your number comes up, I’ll fight the IRS on your behalf.

You’re busy enough with running and growing your businesses, advancing your career and maximizing your investments of time and money. Let me take on your tax worries and concerns so you and your loved ones can sleep soundly at night and maximize your leisure time.

I look forward to our first of hopefully many productive conversations.

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